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With our practical on-site advice, we develop entrepreneurs with a good business idea into successful franchisors.

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General franchise consulting

You have developed a good business concept, but you are drowning in work and you lack the focus on the really important next steps? You already have the first problems with your franchise partners?

Then get a sparring partner in the ring with franchise expert Andreas Düvel. He will explain to you directly and without further ado what you need to do better or differently in order to be successful in the long term and run the best possible franchise system on the market. You advise your franchise partners, so let them advise you too!

Onboarding new franchise partners

Signed a new contract? Congratulations, but what happens next? The first weeks between signing and training offer many opportunities to strengthen the relationship with the partner and lay the foundation for long-term success. This requires a tailored onboarding process from an experienced franchise consultant!

You can also save valuable resources, since young franchise systems in particular often invest far too much time in onboarding.

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Cross-departmental processes

A franchise system often requires the cooperation of several departments (sales, support, training, etc.). Frustration often arises on all sides at the interfaces, as inefficient processes and poor communication make cooperation difficult. An external consultant can often work wonders here.

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Conception of a training academy

The mistakes made at the beginning of a partnership cannot be made up for later at all or only with great effort. Therefore, a training concept must be developed right from the start that focuses on the success of the franchise partner. Andreas Düvel is responsible for more than 300 training courses, which help in this regard.

Preparation of the pre-contractual information

As a dissatisfied franchise partner, there is one way above all to get out of the franchise agreement at low cost. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that in almost every court case, alleged pre-contractual information breaches are alleged on the part of the franchise partner. If there are pre-contractual information breaches, the franchise agreement is often null and void and franchisors even have to pay damages to the franchise partners. Therefore, the pre-contractual communication should be checked by an expert and the preparation of the national and international pre-contractual information should best be done directly by Andreas Düvel.


Harmonisation of legal documents

Have your handbook, franchise agreement, pre-contractual information and all guidelines been written by one person? If so, did that person make sure that the documents did not contradict each other? For example, were the guidelines placed in the right place in the handbook or published separately, even though the franchise agreement has a clear regulation on this?

The harmonisation of all legal documents sounds banal at first glance, but is quickly lost in everyday life because no employee at the system headquarters focuses on this.

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Development of employees

The salespersons and the franchise partner managers have the most important jobs in the system head office. This makes it all the more important not to leave these two groups of employees to their own resources without leadership. Are your employees taking action or just reacting? Are your partner managers concentrating on the value-creating processes at the partners? Has your salesperson understood that fear is the main driver for a decision to choose a franchise model? 

If not, then have your employees trained by the successful franchise consultant Andreas Düvel!

Interim management

A central position in your system has become vacant at short notice and you need a helping hand quickly? And of course with the necessary experience in franchising? Then get in touch directly!


Control concept or implementation of controls

The success of the franchisor brand depends above all on how closely the franchise partners adhere to the system standards. A review of the specifications is therefore essential. There are different approaches to this. On the one hand, we can take over the control for you as an external third party or develop a quality control concept for you. This includes, among other things, audit and feedback protocols as well as warning letters.

Acquisition of new franchise partners

You have big problems finding new franchise partners? At least 12 new partners per year seem out of reach for you? Increase your revenues through faster system growth. We illuminate and optimise your entire lead process from the initial contact (e.g. website) to sales talks and the communication about the franchise contract that is ready to be signed. Benefit from Andreas Düvel's wealth of experience and, for example, increase your lead count by a factor of 2 within a few weeks - by redesigning your online presence (e.g. on franchise portals)!

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Digitisation of the system headquarters

Do you already sign your franchise contracts paperless or do you still risk that a lead will take the additional mailing times, the effort for printing and potential sources of error when signing on paper as a reason to reconsider the decision for your system?

Save yourself time and nerves with digital contract signing, a professional server structure, a CRM system, a modern career site and a digitised lead pipeline. 

Tailor-made franchise agreement and manual

The preparation of the franchise agreement and the manual at the beginning is often the first big challenge of new franchisors. Since you as a layman do not yet know which special features you should attach importance to, you will not be able to brief the lawyer who draws up your franchise agreement or the service provider who draws up the manual with you sufficiently. You will therefore only receive an off-the-shelf contract or manual. This usually takes revenge as soon as the first problems arise in the running business because, for example, certain aspects were not regulated in the contract. To prevent this from happening to you, you should work with franchise expert Andreas Düvel from the very beginning and commission a custom-fit franchise contract or manual.

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Does your franchise system need any consulting at all?

Yes if your system

No if your system

  • cannot find sufficient franchise partners

  • should not make the same mistakes as other franchise systems before

  • has grown very quickly and the internal processes have not grown fast enough

  • has problems with franchise partners or the contract renewal rate

  • does not have any legally secure processes regarding pre-contractual information

  • has efficient processes in all respects

  • has a 100% contract renewal rate

  • has a very high level of partner satisfaction

  • only employs people who are experts in franchising

  • already has completely legally secure documents (manual, guidelines, contract, pre-contractual information)

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