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Franchiseberatung / Franchise-Berater

We develop you into a successful franchisor!

We don't give advice, we lend a hand!

"With us, you are the main actor on your journey to becoming a successful franchisor. We act as your personal mentor and show you how to build and develop your franchise system until you have gone from being an entrepreneur with a good idea to becoming a market leader and growing faster than you could have ever imagined."

Our franchise clients

Entrepreneur with a good idea

No experience in setting up a franchise system yet. Already implemented a pilot business or project and proven that the business concept works.

Franchise Beratung

Franchisors that have already started

Franchise agreement, website and handbook already completed, but so far no great success in acquiring franchise partners or confronted with the first problems in franchising.

Franchisesystem Aufbau

The problems of our franchise clients

These problems can be solved - We are convinced:

  • Every franchisor deserves to work with a first-class franchise consultant, not just the big franchises

  • No franchisor should fail with his franchise system because mistakes are made at the beginning that many other systems have made before and are therefore easily preventable based on our experience in franchising.


Who solves your franchising problems?

Franchise-Beratung Andreas Düvel

Andreas Düvel is the franchise expert in the German-speaking region. He has accumulated his expertise in over 8 years as an executive with a franchisor and as a consultant to franchise systems.

As an interim manager, author, professional auditor and video docent at an international university, he shares his wealth of experience with franchisors and franchise partners.

8+ years experience in franchising


Pre-contractual clarifications created


Processes optimized


 entrepreneurs accompanied


How are your problems solved?


Fill out the contact form / write an email


Arrange a free initial consultation


Learn in 60 minutes how to master your challenges

Example measures of franchise consulting


interim management

Taking over an operational activity at the customer's site - if required also for several months

Acquisition of partners

Establishment of a first-class lead process from the landing page to the signing of the contract

contract management

Custom-fit franchise agreements and pre-contractual clarifications instead of off-the-shelf documents


Development of an onboarding and training concept as well as training of new employees of the franchisor


Our promise of quality

  • We engage so intensively with your company until we have understood every special feature and every challenge of your industry.

  • We are not theoreticians, but we get involved and competently implement the measures based on practical experience together with you (also on your premises) - until the successes can be seen.

  • We don't waste our clients' time with unnecessary meetings, but work in a structured and targeted way and take the work off our clients' hands.

  • We know that our services are costly, but not engaging us will cost much more money in the long run. We are an investment in the future and therefore work for your long-term success and not for short-term profits.

  • We are first-class experts in franchising and focus only on that; for everything else, we have the right contacts with the experts who know about financing or legal matters related to franchising.

Convince yourself

Free chapter to download (german)

Prevent these defeats!


Wrong priorities

If you focus on the wrong tasks, you neglect the value-adding activities.


Wave of lawsuits

If you make a careless but serious mistake in the acquisition or management of your franchise partners, you risk a wave of lawsuits from dissatisfied franchise partners and thus the failure of your system.


Slow growth

If your system grows too slowly, it will never reach the break-even point, or it will do so too late, and you risk a lack of liquidity.

Achieve these successes!

Functioning franchise system

Relief in operational activities through on-site counselling

Less fear in setting up the system 

Acquisition of the 1st, 10th or 100th franchise partner

Market leadership & dominance

Earlier break-even
and increase in turnover

Set up a franchise system or develop your system further, which achieves record sales and finds new franchise partners with ease. Arrange a free initial consultation with Andreas Düvel now!


Thanks very much!

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