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Andreas Düvel

Practice-oriented management consultant for franchisors and employees in the system headquarters

Practice-oriented management consultant for franchisors and employees in the system headquarters

"My 8+ years as an executive, with one of the fastest growing franchise systems, has perfectly prepared me to consult with small and large franchise systems."

My path as a consultant was foreseeable early on and self-employment was the next logical step. Whether in university, the first stages of my career or in my private life, teaching other people something and thus supporting the success of these people has always been the central motive of my activities. In franchising, these strengths can be brought to the table like hardly anywhere else, since franchisors and franchise partners alike need help with the business.

Achievements to date

Dept. Head Contract Management & Operations & Quality Assurance

Author of Franchise Reading

Professional reviewer of a teaching letter and video lecturer

  • Cross-departmental examination, creation and further development of contracts and pre-contractual informations

  • Further development of the training academy including definition and safeguarding of training standards

  • Expansion and further development of the Operations department

  • Definition and assurance of cross-departmental quality standards

  • Support for national and international franchise partners

  • Control and audit of the franchise partners

  • Settlement of monthly franchise fees

  • Creation of manuals and collections of guidelines

  • "Successful with franchise! How to operate an outstanding franchise system or, as a franchise partner, learn to understand your franchisor" (so far only available in german)

  • I'll tell you how you can influence most of your success yourself and depend less on luck. After reading this, you will understand how you, as a franchisor, can find and develop a successful franchise partner or set up a franchise system that not only exists on the market, but regularly beats it.

  • "Franchise Systems" module at the IUBH International University

  • 36-part video series consisting of shortcasts

  • YouTube channel "Der Franchiseexperte" on the subject of franchising with a focus on advising franchisors and employees in the system headquarters

Don't trust the first best consultant, but the best franchise consultant in the German-speaking market. Achieve first-class results through the comprehensive practical know-how of Andreas Düvel.
More than 300 accompanied business start-ups by franchise partners and the responsibility over the franchise units managed by the franchisor, up to 1st place among all system businesses, speak for themselves.

Andreas Düvel now imparts this knowledge from the practice of a highly successful franchisor to other aspiring franchise systems.

Image by Razvan Chisu
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